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The Las Vegas Microblading & PMU Master Conference is 4 days: October 25-28, 2021.

During our conference, 23 speakers will present 23 lectures showcasing 16 techniques including pre-recorded, live model demonstrations.  You will receive 23 certificates.  Our goal is to help you grow your business by: 1) improving your skills, which will enable you to raise your prices, 2) learn how to get more clients, 3) set up your business correctly, 4) improve your marketing efforts, and 5) expand into new high value, trending PMU treatments.

“Learn, Network and Play” #learnnetworkplay


Lexi Bowler

Feather Stroke Microblading Technique @browsbylexibowler

Lexi lives in a beautiful small town in southern Utah, where she owns and operates the Bowler Esthetics Academy. She’s been in the industry for over 5 years and has dedicated herself to helping other women set and achieve their PMU goals. Lexi is a master in Microblading and Ombré brows. She is very proud of, not only her Esthetics Academy, but also her Online Continuing Education Series. This allows Lexi to help women throughout the United States and worldwide.

Lexi is also working on a line of aftercare products, that will be available soon. We asked Lexi what drives her passion for her work, her response was:
“I LOVE HELPING WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY. It is my greatest passion, and brings me the most fulfillment.” When she’s not helping other artists, Lexi enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 year old son, Crew.

We look forward to presenting Lexi Bowler at our upcoming conference!

Lili Ma

Nano Brows @permanentbeautybylili

Lili is an internationally renowned artist, permanent makeup instructor and motivational speaker who is dedicated to giving back to our industry by sharing her skills and knowledge through leadership. In just 5 years, Lili’s talent and innovation have brought her to the forefront of the permanent makeup industry when she developed her own pmu technique called, “Nano Brows”.

Today, the nano brow technique is performed by thousands of artists globally and Lili is one of the most sought after instructors in our industry. Lili has inspired countless students to discover their talent, grow their skills and pursue their passion in permanent makeup!

Tess Marti

Dark Lip Correction SpecialistWorld renowned PMU Master Trainer @tesstattoo

My interest in makeup began at a very young age. Every day I would practice new styles and techniques and loved discovering all the different ways I could change looks just by adding shadows and lines. As part of my studies, I took multiple drafting courses, which is where I developed a love for understanding shapes and symmetry.

I decided to combine my two passions and start a career in cosmetic tattooing. As a permanent makeup artist, my greatest passion is to help women boost their confidence and self-esteem. I am a perfectionist and enjoy working patiently and meticulously to produce unbeatable, natural-looking permanent makeup. I’m proud of the international training I have received, I have learned the most innovative techniques to enhance your natural beauty.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with all of you at the Vegas PMU Conference.

Melissa Arnold

Master Trainer of Color Theory & How to Build a Million Dollar Business @worthitsalon

Melissa Arnold was born and raised in Southern California into a family of artists and beauty professionals, Melissa finally accepted her calling into the beauty industry as a permanent makeup artist after becoming obsessed with Microblading.

Powered by an uncommon work ethic and determination to pull her family out of poverty she grew her company from an initial $840 welfare check investment to earning 6 figures in her first year and 3 years later, a company valuation of $800K.

Melissa now holds 16 certifications in PMU from masters around the globe. Her clients include Lamar Odom, Eric Dickerson, Claudia Jordan, Tisha Campbell, and several influencers. Mrs. Melissa has trained and mentored hundreds of students. Her mission is to build a legacy through her academy by impacting students’ and graduates’ lives with a successful life-changing career.

Melissa is now a published author and has written a book detailing steps to establishing a company and brand, and building business credit. 

Lorrane Iack

World Renowned Master Trainer of Bodystril Stretchmark Camouflage(New in the USA) @lorraneiack

Lorrane has been a Micropigmentation Artist for 6 years, specializing in various areas such as realistic eyebrows, lips, breast areolas with emphasis on stretch mark treatment.

As an entrepreneur, Lorrane has become one of the largest references in micropigmentation in Brazil, and has participated as a Speaker in some of the largest Latin American and European Conferences. And now bringing to the United States her knowledge in the area of stretch marks.

She is the owner of 2 beauty clinics in Brazil she was also the winner of the Biotek Championship in Milan 2018 and was top 5 in the Netherlands World Championship 2017.

Lorrane is a Master in Aesthetic Micropigmentation and owns and operates “Lorrane Iack Make Up Design” in her home country of Brazil. She is a sought after speaker for PMU Conferences and Congresses throughout the world.

Lorrane has gained, through years of working and teaching, a keen eye for symmetry, and has used this to develop the most cutting edge techniques. Lorrane specializes in Microblading, lip micropigmentation, eyeliner contour, areola reconstruction, dark circle eye correction, tattoo and eyebrow depigmentation removal, and of course stretch mark camouflage. 

She will be introducing the revolutionary Bodystril Stretchmark camouflage treatment. This treatment is different because the stretchmarks are first treated with the exclusive Bodystril product which reduces stretchmarks by up to 80%. The treatment is then finished by a camouflage procedure that is different than conventional ink used by PMU artists. The special pigment used has lighter particles so they do not change color or fade over time.

Lorrane looks forward to meeting you at her first-ever conference in Las Vegas this October.  *This is an introductory presentation only.  If you are interested in being certified in this technique, a master class is required. Please click on the Master Class tab for more information and to enroll. ONLY 10 seats available.

Erica A. Kovitz

Fibroblast Skin Tightening @blazeneedling

Erica A. Kovitz is the owner/lead artist of Beverly Hills Microblading, EKBH Beauty & The Tanning Boutique in West Los Angeles. She is recognized as a top Microblading artist to the stars and opened the first standalone Microblading store in Los Angeles.

For the past 15 years, Erica has worked in the Medical Spa & Beauty industry and has extensive knowledge of skin & aesthetics.  She is a perfectionist, that takes great pride in her work, and is always in search of the latest beauty trends.  A dedicated educator, Erica is very proud of her burgeoning Beauty Academy (EKBH Beauty in Beverly Hills) and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Erica built her business on the foundation of giving back to those around her and is guided by a genuine belief that the most important thing she can deliver is not just physical improvements in appearance, but increased self-confidence. A former NFL Cheerleader, for the Oakland Raiders, Erica understands the importance of always looking and feeling your best.

Erica is certified in the following disciplines: body art technician (Microblading), permanent cosmetics, areola tattoo reconstruction, hyaluron pen injections, tattoo removal and fibroblast plasma pen.  *The Fibroblast technique is an introductory presentation only.  If you are interested in being certified in this technique, a masterclass is required. Please click on the Master Class tab for more information and to enroll. ONLY 10 seats available.

Elise Layzell, RN

Needle-less Lip Plumping with Hyaluron Pen & Fibroblast Skin Tightening @blazeneedling @hyaluronpenbeverlyhills

Lady Elise Layzell of Glencoe, R.N Specialist in Aesthetic Injectables and Skin Rejuvenation

With extensive education and experience in London and the US, Elise Layzell founded Angles MedSpa in Los Angeles in 2010.  Angels Med Spa offers the latest skin rejuvenation techniques.  Elise uses her expert plastic surgery and dermatology knowledge to specialize in advanced injectable treatments from lips to cheeks.

She has a special eye for natural facial enhancement which has led her to create a celebrity following. If anyone knows aesthetics and skin care its Elise.  With over 20 years experience in the aesthetics industry and training by London’s top plastic surgeons (Patrick Mallucci, Norman Waterhouse, Barry Jones, etc.), she is the true Angel from The Fountain of Youth.

Elise will be speaking and demonstrating on a live model the Fibroblast Plasma Lift. Fibroblast is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a device fitted with a tiny needle to deliver heat to the skin to tighten and firm it.  *The Hyaluron Pen and Fibroblast techniques are  introductory presentations only.  If you are interested in being certified in this technique, a master class is required. Please click on the Master Class tab for more information and to enroll.  ONLY 10 seats available.

Kristina Melnicenco

Foxy Liner @5starbrows

Kristina’s mission is to make people feel beautiful and confident with quality work being her top priority. Kristina started her career in Eastern Europe in 2009.  She soon realized how important advanced skills and knowledge are, in the PMU industry.

For the next couple years Kristina invested all her time and effort to achieve the most natural result by choosing the best techniques. Extremely detail oriented, Kristina always knew that soft natural looking brows would be the new Standard in the Permanent Makeup Industry.

Combining all her years of experience, today Kristina has a very successful and world renown Academy in Dallas, Texas, where she shares all her skills and knowledge with her students.

Kristina spends most of her time in her studio doing what she loves. Also, Kristina continues to travel and work by teaching PMU Classes all over the world. She is often invited as a speaker to PMU Congresses and Conferences and this is her Fourth time as a Vegas PMU Conference trainer!

Don’t miss her exciting presentation.

Kim Zen

Powder Brows Technique @thebrowartist.pmu

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Kim Zen is a leading expert, entrepreneur, and Master Educator in the field of esthetics, skin care, and permanent makeup. She is recognized as a Master Trainer and is among the most qualified permanent makeup artists and medical aestheticians in the industry. 
Kim began her career on the island of Oahu in 1999, working and training with world renowned plastic surgeons. Her growing love for esthetics, and her desire to expand her knowledge, lead her to the International School of Beauty and Esthetique in Honolulu.  Kim now owns and operates Zen Derma Studios, her own state-of-the-art training facility in San Diego, California. Here she educates students from all over the world in her re-engineered powder brow technique, providing a dedicated and focused learning environment. In addition to shade brow trainings, Zen Derma Studios is also the first institution in the United States to offer education on GEL Lashes’ products and procedures. 
Kim Zen is widely known for her professionalism and innovation, and was recently featured in the industry publication, Les Nouvelles Esthetique. As a mother, teacher, and successful businesswoman, Kim continues to stay at the forefront of permanent makeup and esthetics by exploring new and original concepts, products, and services.

Natallia Ivchankova

Brow Lamination and Henna Brows @@natalliaivchankova

Natallia started in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, specializing in creating makeup products.  As a busy mom, she found that a corporate world was not conducive to her lifestyle.  In a leap of faith, she decided to branch out on her own to build a business helping to empower women with a similar lifestyle and quick makeup routine.  
She quickly realized that brows are the foundation of an entire look.  As she gained recognition among clients, she also gained recognition among professionals in her industry and sometimes has even been called the “Brow Doctor”. 
Globally renowned Elleebana educator – Natallia Ivchankova, became a sensation on Instagram for her flawless brow design techniques and applications.  She continued her passion for educating others by focusing on customized training and workshops. 
In 2021, Brow Lamination and Henna Brows have been some of the most searched trends in the beauty industry. 
Natallia takes Brow Lamination under the microscope.  She teaches secrets of how to master the art of brow design, lamination and henna brows.  She’ll also show you how to incorporate these revolutionary services into your salon menu.  

Sabrina Palacios

Freckle & Beauty Mark Application

Sabrina Palacios is the CEO & Owner of Bina’s Beauty Bar.   

Bina’s Beauty Bar was born out of Sabrina’s obsession with perfect eyebrows.  To pursue this passion, she finished her training at the Karabegovic Education Center, acquiring her certification as a KEC Microblading Teacher in the USA.

Sabrina’s permanent makeup services include microblading, microshading, fibroblast, freckle tattoo and beauty mark enhancement.

One of the newest treatments in the pmu world is freckle tattooing.  This is a procedure in which pigment is applied to your client’s upper cheeks and nose to give them a youthful, freckled look.  The number and location of these cute brown spots on your client’s face is important to achieve a natural look.  This same technique can be used to enhance, or create, beauty marks.

Freckle application is a desired pmu service as clients don’t need to wait for summer and expose themselves to hours and hours of harming sunlight in order to have those freckles, and the best thing is – they can have freckles all year-round.

Freckle tattooing is an easy way to grow your list of pmu services and easily make an additional $2000 per month.

Matt Iulo

Scalp Micropigmentation

Matt Iulo has been a pioneer in the industry for over 10 years and has treated over 6,000 clients.

He is the Founder and Lead Specialist at Scalp Micro USA with locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Houston. Matt has a vast understanding of natural hairlines, color matching, and scar concealment.  His techniques are recognized around the world for creating customized, natural looks for people with all types of hair loss. 

Matt has trained over 400 students in the field of scalp micropigmentation with monthly in person training and advanced online coursework.

Matthew was awarded Best Practitioner North America in 2018 and Best Scalp Micropigmentation Training Academy in 2019.

Veronika Fleišer

How to Avoid & Fix PMU Complications

Veronica comes from the Czech Republic.  She has been a PMU artist since 2011 and is the Founder of Fleiš Academy, an academy that educates beginner and advanced courses for PMU techniques and aquarelle (watercolor) tattoos. 
She is also an International educator, competition juror, international speaker and organizer of the Czech PMU Congress and the inventor of the authentic PMU & tattoo machine “Fleiš machine” and pigment line.

The following topics will be covered at the Vegas PMU Conference: 

  • ​Explain the benefit of using quality products.  Complete colorants analysis (the difference between organic, inorganic, microscope pictures, most complicated colorants, how to read labels).
  • ​Overworking of the skin, too much-saturated pigment and the results
  • ​How to avoid bacteria and infection (including herpes)
  • ​Healing process (what’s happening inside the skin, what needs to be understood for proper aftercare)
  • ​Allergy (contact allergy, delayed allergy – what’s happening with colorants inside the skin after UV rays)
  • ​Critical colorants such as titanium dioxide and carbon
  • ​Scarring after PMU, lasers and chemical removals
  • ​Migration visible and hidden – why it happens, how it looks inside the skin, what to avoid, how to properly work with carbon black.

Adrianna Holness

Combo Brows Trainer @brow.brat

Adrianna, a native New Yorker, decided to embark on her journey as a permanent makeup artist because of her best friend who has alopecia (a sudden hair loss disease) and couldn’t afford microblading service at the time.

Adrianna decided to learn microblading to help her friend feel more confident. It is with this same love and passion that she approaches helping every new client.

Adrianna has been in the industry for several years and has seen her company and brand continue to grow exponentially.  She is known for her “combination brows technique,” which incorporates crisp and natural strokes.

It is this very same technique that she teaches at her Brow Brat Academy, where she endeavors to provide her students with the needed skills and certifications for them to embark on their own incredible PMU careers and journeys.

“I love what I do. I just want everyone I touch to love what they see when they look in the mirror.”

Ana Perrone @microbladingapp

SEO: “Get More Clients with Google Now” 

Ana’s home base medspa is located at Miami Beach Microblading LLC in Florida, USA, which is the only international Swiss Color® Academy branch and medical spa with over 400 five stars reviews in Google, Yelp and Facebook.

At the Vegas PMU Conference, Ana will be speaking about the importance of Local SEO and Google rankings in order to get more clients. She will share free tips and incredibly affordable SEO tools plus different internet marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition as more and more PMU artists are entering the permanent makeup industry.

Ana’s online marketing and SEO training have helped hundreds of PMU artists worldwide learn and apply simple but effective marketing knowledge and tools to gain more clients.

She has been a Microblading trainer since 2017 and a PMU (Micropigmentation) Artist since 1999. Some of Ana’s custom made Local SEO tools include SEO CPR system and Botzzup (chatbots for websites, lead capture, review generation and Google My Business partner.

Ana Perrone is also the creator of the paperless consent forms and PMU simulation Android and IOS (Apple) mobile app.

After its official launch in 2017, the Microblading App has over 25 thousand registered artists and is the most affordable, user friendly and it also has virtually 24/7 customer support amongst other perks like industry news and tips.

Ana has been invited to be an international speaker and even PMU competition judge in many international events including:


Global Permanent, Sochi, 2019 (Speaker)
Global Permanent, Moscow, 2019 (Competitor)
World Wide Eyebrow Festival, Rotterdam, 2019 (Demonstrator/ Speaker)
IPCS, Miami, 2019 (Vendor)
Lash Master Legends, Johannesburg, 2020 (Speaker)
Modern Beauty Con, Boston, 2021(Speaker)
MPUK 21, Nottingham, 2021 (Thought Leader)
Beauty Business Conference, online 2021 (Speaker)
Beauty Rio, Rio de Janeiro, 2021 (Speaker)
WMCA, Dubai, 2021 (World Leader)
PMU Indonesia Festival in Bali, 2021 (International PMU Judge)
Ana has also been on the cover of 3 international PMU magazines:
Permanent Makeup, Russia (English Version) 2019
PMU International, Russia (English Version) 2019

Silam Book Magazine, Brazil (Portuguese Version) 2019

Ana is also a PMU Trainer, the only Microblading Trainer Instructor in the American continent and USA pigments and tools distributor for the international pigment and machine manufacturer Swiss Color®

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Eugene Melnicenco

S.M.A.R.T. Marketing and Sales Implementation

Prepare the correct financial goal for your company. Learn how to hire, manage, work with the remote teams, work planning, automations workflows, and business intelligence. Learn 10-20 ideas on how you can make more money by optimizing their business processes.

Receive a guideline on how to implement these tips right after the conference and receive results in short period of time.

Joy Valdivia

Branding for Success

Joy is a Visual Designer specializing in areas of Branding, Web Design/Development, UI/UX Design and Social Media marketing.  My unique blend of philosophy and design is what sets me apart.  I enjoy digging deeper into design concepts and speaking about them with my clients so we can create a brand that represents their company in the exact way they imagine.

Danny Tran

Highstoke Media 

Danny Tran is the Founder and CEO of Highstoke Media, a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency that helps businesses generate more sales and customers through paid advertising.

He is the creator of  the Brow Clients-on-Demand system, the industry proven marketing approach to help PMU artists get more booked appointments and paying clients predictably every month

In the past two years, he has managed over $2 million in advertising while generating multiple 7-figures for hundreds of his clients to-date along with being featured in notable publications such as Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Future Sharks, International Business Times, and many more.

His company mission is to help PMU artists profitably scale their businesses without relying on outdated marketing tactics.

Austin Philips & Carole Dezarn


The next generation of Microneedling!  Dr. Schwartz developed the ProCell Therapies System to use on his own patients. Now, Microchanneling has turned into the next level of beauty enhancement.  Microchanneling combined with powerful growth factor serums create a new paradigm for advanced scientific skincare and rejuvenation.


ProCell Therapies’ Microchanneling System virtually erases wrinkles, improves the appearance of acne and scars, reduces acne inflammation, reduces uneven skin tone, and nourishes hair follicles.  Microchanneling achieves these results by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body already has.
Microchannling can be performed on many areas of the body.  It can be used for stretchmarks on the abdomen, acne scaring, facial wrinkles, balding (actually helps regrow hair), skin tightening of arms, knees and the decollete area.

Amanda Brandel

Masculine Brows

Amanda Brandel is a Microblading Specialist expert in Natural Eyebrows.  She has been a Micropigmenter for 6 years with more than 7 thousand procedures performed. She’s recognized as an  Authority and a Reference in Micro-pigmentation in Brazil, where she lives with her two children, Julia and Davi, and her husband of 13 years, Jacson.

She’s the Founder of Amanda Brandel Beauty Academy where she performs procedures and teaches courses. She’s also a speaker at lectures in the field of Micropigmentation, in person and online, with country-wide recognition. She’s taken part in more than 20 national and international specializations and scientific congresses and a few of her accolades include:

– Winner of 2 Micropigmentation Championships:

 – ASPMU 2019
 – PHIBROWS 2020.
 – Member of the Expert Team of the largest Pigment brand in the World: RB KOLLORS
* Artist associate at the 2 largest PMU and MICROBLADING academies in the world (S Academy and Phibrows)
* Member of the Master Team at Vitamédica Dermocosmetics
* Highest ranking artist at Dermocamp (Diamond artist) and Dermia (Expert master)

“I am passionate about what I do, my purpose is to make other women and men have their lives transformed by Micropigmentation just like I had!”

Sherah Juarez

3D Areola Tattoo

Sherah Juarez, CEO & Owner of Ink Boutique Houston

Sherah is a certified medical micropigmentologist and has been doing permanent makeup and para-medical tattooing for over fifteen years.  She performs procedures in the safety and comfort of a doctor’s office.  She works for 24+ plastic surgeons offices throughout Houston and surrounding areas and travels nationally to train artists.


She is a Master Technician who has traveled both locally and internationally to train with some of the world’s finest Master Instructors.  She is Master Certified in 3D Eyebrows, 3D Areola, Full Lip Color and Eyeliner.  She has been certified in both beginning and advanced cosmetic procedures and advanced machines.  Sherah is also a member of the Permanent Makeup Society.

Sherah has been featured on FOX26, Good Day Houston, ABC 13 and more.  Her skills have not only been recognized by these celebrities, but she has also done the following celebrities permanent makeup:


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