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Below are answers to common questions about the conference.

Q:  Who can benefit from this conference?

A:  This conference is best suited for artists who have basic Microblading or PMU training and are working in the industry.  This conference will not teach basic Microblading or PMU techniques.  The focus will be learning new skills, improving your technique and growing your business.

Q:  Why should I attend this conference?

A:  First, our conference offers the BEST TRAINERS and TECHNIQUES.  Second, our conference offers the MOST CHOICES. Third, our conference is the MOST CONVENIENT.  Fourth, our conference is the MOST FUN. Fifth, our conference offers the BEST VALUE.

Q:  What makes our Trainers and Techniques better?

A:  BEST TRAINERS and TECHNIQUES:  Our speakers are the best in the business. Take a look at their work on their social media sites.  We think you’ll agree that their work is the best in the industry.  Also, the techniques, procedures and topics to be presented are cutting edge in the PMU industry.  You can’t afford not to know and learn these up-and-coming techniques and procedures.  We will also show you how to improve the way you run your business, how to set up your business, how to attract more clients, how to charge more for your services, how to improve your marketing, your website, your social media presence, how to make your sites more attractive, and more.

Q.  Will I be able to ask questions?

A.  Yes, there will be a 5-15 minute question and answer discussion after each presentation.  Additionally, you may be able to mingle and talk with the trainers during the conference and other events.

Q.  Will I be able to buy products at the conference?

A.  Yes!  There will be several vendors at the conference including products sold by some of the Master Trainers.

Q:  How does our conference offer more choices?

A:  We offer not just one, but THREE distinct Conference Experiences:  1) VIP, 2) Standard, and 3) Basic.  Our Conference offers the experience best suited for your taste and budget.  VIP offers the best Conference Experience possible, multiple opportunities for networking with our trainers and other PMU industry VIP’s, while enjoying the best Vegas has to offer.  Our Standard package provides ample amenities, networking opportunities and Vegas fun without all the VIP perks.  And, for those new to the industry or those on a budget, our Basic package lets you get the industry’s best learning experience without all the bells and whistles.

Q:  Why is our conference the most convenient?

A:  Our conference is the most convenient for many reasons:  1) Palace Station, our venue, is centrally located, close to the strip and downtown.  2) Free airport shuttle service is offered for our conference attendees.  3) Palace Station just underwent a $200 million renovation, offering the best rooms, restaurants, and entertainment.  4)  There is no travel needed from the hotel to the conference, you stay there and attend the conference there.  5)  Palace Station offers discounted room rates for conference attendees.  5)  April in Vegas offers the best weather, normally between 70-80 degrees.

Q:  Why is our conference the most fun?

A:  Just take a look at the videos / photos of our prior conferences.  We know learning is easier and more enjoyable in a relaxed and fun environment.  That’s why we plan our conference to be the most entertaining and fun.  There are daily surprises.

Q:  Why is our conference the best value?

A:  Not only do we offer 3 distinct Conference Experiences, we also offer the best pricing possible.  We stand by our motto of: PMU Artists Helping Artists.  We work hard to provide the best conference experience for the lowest possible price.  We are sure you’ll love your conference experience.

Q: What certificates will I receive at the conference?

A:  You will receive 15 certificates of attendance.  These certificates show you attended the conference and learned the techniques.  These are not certifications to do all of these procedures, your city/state jurisdiction may require additional training to perform some of the procedures.  Always check with your governing agencies to determine what’s required in your jurisdiction to perform these techniques.

Q:  Will this conference be held again in the near future?

A: We plan several conferences a year, but each conference is different.  We bring different Master Trainers and showcase different Techniques and Procedures.  That’s why if you like our conference line-up, you should attend.  This line-up may not be repeated.

Q: Is there a hotel discount?

A: Yes, please click on the link here. The group booking code is: Group / Offer / Web code: PCIVBC1

Q: After I make my deposit, how do I pay the balance?

A: You will be emailed an invoice for the remaining balance. Your remaining balance is calculated as follows:  The ticket price, minus your deposit and minus your coupon code discount. To guarantee your seat, your balance must be paid by the April 1st deadline. Otherwise, you will lose your deposit and your seat.

Q: Do you have to be certified for microblading or permanent makeup?

A: Technically you can attend the conference without an existing certification for microblading or permanent makeup. However, being trained and certified in at least one microblading or permanent makeup technique will allow you to benefit much more from the conference.

Q:  What if English is not my first language?

A:  Our conference will be simultaneously translated to Spanish and Portuguese.  You can enjoy the conference in your native language.  If you have questions regarding translation services please contact us.

Q:  Can I bring my family?

A:  Yes, of course.  Vegas has something for everyone.  Palace Station has amenities and activities for the whole family.  Although friends and family cannot attend the conference, you are welcome to bring them with you to Vegas.

Q:  What’s the weather like in Vegas in April?

A:  Basically perfect!  Weather in Vegas in April is: high 70’s during the day, mid 50’s at night.

Q:  When should I plan on arriving and leaving Vegas?

A:  It’s best to arrive at least one day before the conference.  Since the conference starts at 8am, we don’t recommend you fly into Vegas on the first day of the conference.  Also, if you fly home on the last day of the conference, try to book a flight that leaves after 8pm, otherwise you will have to leave the conference before it ends.

Q:  Will I have to opportunity to speak to the Trainers one-on-one?  

A:  There will be multiple “question and answer” sessions during the conference.  Also, we encourage the Trainers to participate in all activities: breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour, Evening Gala, etc.  You are welcome to approach and speak to them at any convenient time.  VIP attendees will have additional opportunities to network with Trainers and other industry VIP’s.

Q:  How do I get the best seat possible?

A:  VIP seating will be in the front rows, followed by Standard seating and then Basic.  To ensure the best seat, book early, as seating will be first come first served.

Q: What is the daily conference schedule?

A: The daily schedule will be published in the near future.  However, our conference normally runs from 8am to 6 pm, with short breaks and and a 45 minute lunch break.


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